Reflexologist As a theory, reflexology is based on the fact that the feet and the hands correspond to some organs as well as the body systems. Reflexologists believe that the pressure applied to specific areas of the hand or feet affects the organs and immensely benefits a person’s health. Reflexologists are guided by the use of foot charts as they apply pressure to certain specific areas. At times, they use items, such as rubber bands, rubber balls and sticks of wood, to help in their work.

Reflexology proponents also claim that it can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, like diabetes, asthma, and cancer. It’s considered safe but with a somehow intense pressure that may cause discomfort to some. As good and beneficial as it is, please seek the answers to the following top 4 questions from a reflexologist before reflexology treatment.

What are reflexology benefits?

Don’t just assume what the books, the internet, and another medium of communication say about reflexology. Insist on getting it directly from the horse’s mouth. Who knows? Maybe what you’ve heard or read is just a tip of a once burg. Insist on more information and ask questions to clarify what you aren’t comfortable with. Doing it this way will help you confirm or reject what you’ve heard. Besides, how are you going to prove that you’ve had a perfect reflexology session if there aren’t some reference point? Use the information that a reflexologist had given earlier as a benchmark to weigh the results. Perhaps what your reflexologist guess is best for you might not be what you want or what you think or like to be done for yourself. Most reflexologists are experts and will give satisfactory answers.

How long will the reflexologist session last?

By ascertaining how long the session would last helps sort out numerous issues. For instance, if the fees charged is based on the length of reflexology session, then you can limit the session or elongate it as regards the power of your wallet. Assume that it lasts a day, do you have all this time? Well, you may or may not, but the blank truth is that knowing the duration of the therapy session can help you plan your day well. Additionally, the duration of stay also helps you to be prepared

How many sessions?

This is a question that’s always ignored by many who seek reflexology. All the same, it’s very important to know the number of sessions that are needed to realize desired results. This can not only help you with scheduling your activities but also plan your finances. Ideally, there isn’t any reason of getting into an important therapy like reflexology only to drop out half way.

License and qualifications?

If there’s one field that has been excessively invaded by quacks and crooks, then it’s reflexology industry. It pays a million times to ascertain the credibility and integrity of the person you’re dealing with. Never engage a reflexologist without ascertaining whether he’s licensed to operate or not. Unqualified reflexologists are never licensed to operate.