Common Trigger Of Headache

A headache is among the most common symptoms experienced. A headache can be caused by various factors or conditions. The cause is usually what determines the type of a headache you will experience. A doctor can determine the cause and recommend proper treatments. If you experience headache symptoms quite often, it is important to determine what triggers it. This will help you avoid the trigger and thus, prevent the recurring symptoms.

Headache triggers

Many different conditions can lead to a headache. The conditions work differently for different individuals, meaning that not all will necessarily cause a headache to everyone. The most common triggers are highlighted below.

Foods and drinksdrinks

Consuming various types of drinks and foods can result in a headache for most people. Examples of such foods include cheese and chocolate. For the beverages, caffeinated drinks and alcohol are the most common ones. Consuming such releases some neurotransmitters that cause a headache. Apart from alcohol, identifying the particular food or beverage that will cause you headache symptoms may be quite challenging. You can only judge through experience. Once you identify the particular food, you can simply avoid it to prevent headaches.


Hormones can also cause headaches. This applies mostly to women when the estrogen levels in their bodies drop. It happens just the monthly periods begin. Given that it is of a biological nature dealing with this cause is a bit difficult. The best solution is to keep track of your cycles. That will help you predict when the next periods are due, giving you time to prepare for it. For example, you can stock some painkillers to use them as needed.


sitting PostureA headache can also come as a result of bad posture. Posture can affect blood flow. Without proper blood flow, your body will react by releasing the symptoms of a headache. Make sure that you always practice good sitting posture, especially if you spend most of your time bent over a desk. Take frequent breaks and walk around or stretch, to make sure that blood flows well through all parts of your body.

Physical inactivity

Over-exertion is known to be a major cause of headaches. However, failure to engage in any physical activity can also result in a headache. This type of a headache will be temporary and can easily be treated by a moderate workout session. The solution to avoid such headaches is to follow a strict exercise regimen. Exercising on a regular basis will come with many other health benefits as well.…

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