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Key Qualities And Features Of Parkour Shoes


If you are an experienced Freerunner or Traceur, then you probably know just how important it is to have an excellent pair of shoes. You also know well which factors and features make up a good shoe. However, if you are new to the exciting world of Parkour, you are probably clueless as to what makes a good pair of parkour shoes.

If you are planning to purchase you first pair of parkour shoes, let us help you by outlining some of the most important factors and features.


Parkour For starters, you should know that there are some attributes you should look for when buying an appropriate pair of shoes. With this in mind, let’s start with the grip. The grip is, undoubtedly one of the most important characteristics of parkour shoes. When parkouring, you are always on the move, jumping, climbing walls, running, etc. Therefore, the more rubber a shoe has, the better. Keep in mind that this doesn’t only pertain to the bottom of the shoe, but also the front and back areas as well. This will allow for a better contact with the walls and ground, and, In turn, allow for better mobility and movement.

Distribution of weight

For this matter, make sure to avoid shoes with thick insoles. Also, you will want to avoid narrow or top-heavy shoes that can make you less stable and prone to tipping over. Always look for a middle-ground, so as to strike the perfect balance. There is a good reason why marathon runners used to shave their shoe soles in the past.

Additional weight will only slow you down over time, even if it is ounces we are talking about. Perfectly balanced shoes will allow you to move more easily and jump farther and higher. However, this doesn’t mean you should go with the lightest shoes you can find. A shoe needs to be strong and durable enough, so as to support and protect your feet. Never forget that shoes are subjected to some serious beating when engaging in parkour. Therefore, make sure to find the shoes that are light and durable enough. To do that, try to test as much of them as you can and try visiting some specialized sites to learn more about the best parkour shoes.


A good shoe must provide all the necessary support for your feet. They should mainly protect your foot arch when quickly changing directions and doing precision landings. For that matter, make sure to avoid shoes that feature hard plastic, as they can cause your feet to slip and a myriad of foot problems. A shoe shouldn’t be too loose as well, as it can cause you to lose balance. Once again, test out a few pairs, so as to strike a balance.

The material

wearing Parkour shoesLast, but not least, pay attention to the material the shoe is made of. Given how demanding parkour is, you will need a pair of shoes that can handle all the wear and tear they will constantly be subjected to. Always look for the shoes that are mainly made from canvas, as they are durable enough to avoid becoming too flimsy and torn, and light enough to allow easy movement.…

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